Day 39. The fleet

On my way I collect discarded trash, pieces of paper and I fold them into small boats, every single one dedicated to somebody helping me on my journey in any way. My fleet accompanies me all the way to Paris and is starting to relate to more and more different subjects like ecology (how we deal with our trash), refugee situation (people trying to flee in small boats), literature (Baudelaire amongst others), absurdity (folding boats while walking on foot), childishness (and the wisdom of it), improvisation (how they come together and relate to their invironment as a full fleet), etc. I will write in more detail about that later.

I was invited to present my project in the Old School in Havelberg in a day about Gastfreundschaft, hospitality. A gutfeeling told me to put my ships on the carpet in the big social room where there was food and art on the walls and people wandered in and out. The carpet is Iranean and I am not sure about the statue but I´ll do some research into that. They made a beautiful match and formed a completely new story.

While I was photographing my fleet, Ursula Achternkamp (who had invited me) took a photo of me without me noticing it. We were both in the right place at the right moment:

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