Day 21. Lucky.

The dark wasn't only dark but also wet and very windy. I got caught in the storm just under the top on the Spanish side. I managed to put up my tent and slept with the wind hauling and the rain gushing down surrounded by my wet and muddy things. But I was warm and well fed and comfortably solitary with the complete darkness and nature as my only companions.
in the morning the sun was out and by now everything is sort of dry again. I can walk wherever I want. I am so much luckier than all the people who walked this trail in the past. Not only Walter Benjamin but many forgotten refugees from both sides of the border, fleeing Spain during the Spanish Civil War and France during or shortly before the second World War.
I will cross the border today and might not have easy internet access for a few days until I managed to find a French simcard. Also my iPad is refusing service now and then so if you need to reach me and I don't respond here, send me a text message on my phone.
Thanks for all your support! See you here soon again.

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