Day 55 (1). The walk is never over.

It is 5 ´o clock, I open my window to get some fresh air. The parking lot is dark, the lights of the playing hall have gone. Clouds, but some stars are visible. The Great Hunter is out of sight.
I laugh out loud. Not so loud the sound will reach the stars but loud enough for the first birds to hear it.
There is nobody out there, only the giant woman on the billboard in her black and white summer dress, advocating "unexpected shopping", whatever that is.
A thought crosses my mind. The thought that I should be sad that my walking is almost over. But I don´t feel sad. I feel like laughing. The walk is never over.
A first early car drives by. Then two more. I close my window and sit on my bed. I am still fully dressed, I fell asleep in my suit on top of the covers. In my Soft Armour.
It kept me save all the way and it will keep me save during the fight in Paris. A peaceful fight for a cleaner world with more attention for people, nature. A world where we take more time for things. 
I don´t think we will win in the long run but it doesn´t matter. As long as we can, we have to fight.

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