Walk with me!

Do you want to know more about how this all started? Do you want to walk with me or support me in any way? Read more HERE

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  1. Hello Monique
    I've just discovered your blog and wanted to wish you well on your walk. My name is Alan, and although I'm originally from Cornwall I've lived in Catalonia for the last 17 years. This summer, and in connection with a book I am working on, I walked 1800 km from Cap de Creus (the eastern most point of Catalonia) to Cape Cornwall, and on day two of my walk I followed what is now called the Walter Benjamin trail from Port Bou to Banyuls. I imagine you must have followed the same path into France, is that right? I have visited Port Bou and Collioure on several occasions, not least because of my interest in the stories of Benjamin, Machado and all those nameless others who died in flight across the Pyrenees. On my blogsite (www.walkinginmind.com) I have written a piece that reflects on "Cantares", the song that Joan Manuel Serrat wrote as a homage to Machado, and in which he blends the poet's words with his own. I was interested to see that you have a similar post, and it was good to compare and contrast your translation with my own. I liked some of your translation choices very much. Regarding your walk, I don't have any practical tips to offer, but I will follow your blog over the coming weeks and will think of you out there on the trail. If your plan is to return to Barcelona afterwards, maybe we could meet up one day and share stories. By the way, have you seen the film "Quién mató a Walter Benjamin" (Dir. David Mauas)? If not, it's really worth checking out, and I think that someone has posted it on You Tube, although the DVD is also easy to get hold of. Anyway, bye for now, stay safe, and walk on.
    Warm regards